If you have information that you think would be worth sharing with your fellow citizens, we will consider adding it to this site.  We are interested in news reports, government documents and records, books, documentary films or links to other valuable web sites.

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ABOUT US is a grass-roots group of concerned citizens dedicated to returning Naperville Illinois to the people who live here. 

We do not identify ourselves because to do so in Naperville would be to invite harassment from the city. The City Council uses the police department's "Special Operations Group" as well as staff employees such as in the water department to do this.

We are NOT trying to get ourselves elected.

We are NOT trying to gain fame.

We are NOT trying to make money. Nothing here is for sale. You cannot make a donation.

There is no affiliation with a political party - just a set of beliefs that citizens have a right to be informed, heard and respected by their government.

Too many decisions are made by politicians doing what they think is best despite massive input from the voters to the contrary - including election referendums and petitions signed by thousands of residents.


JOURNALISM is printing what someone else does not want printed;

everything else is PUBLIC RELATIONS.

                                      - George Orwell


We offer this site as a source for anyone to learn about what is really going on. 

It was started to help voters become informed before casting their ballots in the April 9th 2013 Municipal Election. 

Beyond that, we will continue to update the site to keep you informed with facts- collected here for you to more easily digest and make up your mind for yourself.

Ours is a beautiful city.  But, all is not as it appears from the outside. 

Be informed. 

These people are wasting YOUR MONEY.

___________________________________________________________________________________________ is NOT affiliated wtih Naperville Smart Meter Awareness.  They have posted our video - available on YouTube - on their website.  If you like it as well, please feel free to share it on Facebook or anywhere else.