Examples of poor decisions and administration by Naperville politicians and staff.


Loaves and Fishes Charity Grant Funding Lost

The underprivileged suffered from city staff failures when Loaves and Fishes funding was lost.  Ultimately, Naperville was forced to make up for its mistake by funding the charity with $148,000. Click here for a Trib article.

City Computer Network Hacked

There are a lot of reasons to not like smart meters.  You don't have to agree with all of them.  Wireless meters are the most prone to hacking.  Naperville's own government site was hacked in October  2012 and was down for more than 3 weeks.

Click here for a Trib article that also talks about the Plainfield school district getting hacked.


Wireless Network Chosen For Smart Meters - Leaves Electric Grid Open To Hacking

The folks at Naperville Smart Meter Awareness do a good job of explaining the other problems with these meters.  You can also go to Smart Meter Truth.


City Council Approves Water Street Project - Main Street Project Eyesore Still Not Finished

The Daily Herald's Justin Kmitch characterizes the project as "once-controversial."  Many of our citizens would disagree.  We all would probably agree that Water Street - near City Hall - needs to be developed someday.  However, with an unfinished eyesore on Main Street, do we need to do it now?  A lot of folks think the scale of the project is too tall and will ruin the Riverwalk's appearance in this area.


Maybe we should finish this Main Street project, shown above, before worrying about Water Street.

Link to Daily Herald article.

Update: City Council members are still concerned about the potential traffic mess that will be created with the Water Street project!

Go to 56:40 to hear Mr. Fieseler express his concerns.  It sounds like things could get pretty rough on Aurora and Washington Streets if this project goes through.