Examples of fiscal irresponsibility of Naperville politicians and staff.


City of Naperville Mission Statement  Click here to go to Naperville city site.


The mission of the government of the City of Naperville is to preserve the quality of life by providing municipal services that are responsive to the needs of the residents and businesses and are reliable, efficient and fiscally responsible [emphasis added].



City Council Continues To Make Financially Ridiculous "Green" Investments.

Now they are buying electric charging stations with a 16+ year payback! They will be obsolete before they can even pay for themselves (see "fiscally responsible" part of Mission Statement above).  Click here to see the news article.



Your Tax Dollars Bail Out the DuPage Children's Musuem Click here to see news article.

Did you know you gave $3 million dollars to save this continually mis-managed enterprise?


Your Tax Dollars Bail Out the Moser Tower Project  Click here to see news article.

The bells have been ringing for years.  But this over-designed, under-funded tower continues to cost you money.  The City Council has decided to gift $600,000 per year for three years to forgive the $1.8 million loan.  This is how the "surplus" is being spent.  BUT WAIT! What about the articles below.


City of Naperville Unfunded Pension Liabilities  Click here to see PDF document. 

This is the difference between the amount of money paid into the pension accounts, and the amount that should have been paid to date, based on projections done by paid actuaries.  Pay for good advice, then ignore it! The total unfunded liability as of the 2012 CAFR was $131,967,651.  That is up 70% in the past 5 years.


City of Naperville Outstanding Debt  Click here to see PDF document.

Total bonded debt- As of the 2012 CAFR, the total bonded debt was $178,175,000.  That number is up 51% since 2007.  The current smart meter project helped by adding $9 million.


Property Taxes increased during recession. 

Most folks have figured out how to live with less during these difficult economic times.  Naperville's solutions are to borrow money and raise tax rates.     

  • Naperville City Manager called a property tax increase a "reduction."  The Chicago Tribune obviously wrote the article to obscure the fact that tax RATES were raised.

       Click here to see news article.

  • Here is the Daily Herald doing the same trick - calling a tax rate INCREASE a "drop."

       Click here to see news article.

       Click here to see them doing it AGAIN!  The Herald is somehow able to convert a

       2.5% RATE INCREASE into a "decrease of 2.6%."  Apparently Justin Kmitch thinks you

       are too stupid to read beyond the misleading headline.

Implementing gasoline taxes and trash collection fees.

Click here and here for the articles.


Wasting Taxpayer Money On Science Project

Argonne is now taking over the failed Green Fuels Depot project started in 2011.  The Naperville Sun tries to spin it so it doesn't sound too bad for the city.  Fact is, this was a waste of money playing "science project" with our tax dollars during a down economy.  Was this a "pet project" stemming from At-Large council representation?  You decide.

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