Illinois Leaks Uncovers Questions About Our 911 Fees

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Illinois Leaks Investigate the Park District.

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Two Sitting Council Members Alleged To Be Ineligible To Serve

John Kraft of the state watchdog group "Illinois Leaks" was in town for the November 18th Council meeting to inform us that Mr. McElroy and Mr. Wentz are seated in violation of Illinois state law.

Naperville Sun article

Daily Herald article

Note that the Naperville Sun article begins with the following false statement:

"Two leaders of Illinois Leaks, a watchdog group that has been critical of Naperville’s shift to digital smart meters,"

John Kraft and Kirk Allen of ILLINOIS LEAKS have never been a part of Naperville's grass-roots opposition to the city electric utility implementation of so-called "smart" electric meters.


City Manager Krieger Is Not Only Incompetent, He's Crude

Naperville City Manager Found Guilty of Making 'Racially Offensive Comments'.  Received a verbal reprimand and must complete the city's harassment prevention and diversity awareness training, according to media reports.

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City Manager Krieger

Whistle-blower At City Hall Comes Forward

The Chicago Tribune reports of incredible alleged abuses by high level employees at City Hall !

This is what we get for voting in the same old City Council members.

Former HR Manager Ely

Perhaps this is further explanation for attorney Margo Ely recently moving on (she oversaw HR). This and the ridiculous electric power contract we have with IMEA.

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ILLINOS LEAKS Continues its crusade to clean up Illinois policitcs.

Board members in Clark Country are arrested for violating the Illinois Open Meetings Act - a Class C Misdemeanor worthy of jail time up to 180 days and fines up to $1,500.00.  In Naperville, this crime goes unpunished.

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The full video is available on YouTube. See on YouTube.

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The Daily Herald reported on Naperville's identical violation that went unpunished. Go to article.

ILLINOIS LEAKS Does It Again ! Go to site.

April 25, 2014

Illinois Leaks continues to expose the dirty dealings of Naperville's city staff and politicians. Now we learn that they use city cops cooperating with private detectives to spy on citizens.  What next?

Naperville Scandal Story Told On ILLINOIS LEAKS web site. Go to site.

April 22, 2014

Illinois Leaks, a group specializing in shining the light of truth on local governments throughout our state has a new story about Naperville.

Naperville Chief of Police is NOT a sworn officer. Read article.

April 16, 2014

Apparently, our Chief of Police is NOT a Sworn Officer with an Oath to defend the United States Constitution. He is just a bureaucrat wearing a badge. This is what has allowed him to receive a salary as "Police Chief" and a pension from when he was an officer.  Lisa Madigan cries fowl and continues the fight in the courts.

Smart Meters not living up to the promises.  Read the new article.

April 11, 2014

Naperville has invested millions of dollars in what is turning out to be a failing technology.

Prairie State Coal: Naperville's Next Scandal  Read the NBC News article.

February 9, 2014

Naperville is heavily invested in this project. The question is, What will it cost YOU? Higher taxes? Higher utility rates? Both?

Documentary Featuring Naperville WINS Aware Guide Transformational Film Viewer's Choice Award

February 6, 2014

Take Back Your Power, the feature length documentary featuring Naperville citizens and government officials, has won the honor of Top Transformational Film of 2013. Go to the Aware Guide site to see all the results. Learn more about this and other worthwhile documentary films.

Documentary Featuring Naperville Nominated

February 2, 2014

Take Back Your Power, Josh del Sol's co
mpelling documentary featuring Naperville citizens and government officials has been nominated for Top Transformational Film of 2013. Site link.

Naperville is Number 1 Again!

January 6, 2014

Naperville's arrest of two stay-at-home moms is the Trib's #1 story from 2013. See their article here.

Naperville Featured in New Documentary Film.

September 5, 2013

Naperville residents and the City Council are prominently featured in Josh del Sol's new documentary film, "Take Back Your Power."  Go here to learn more.


 More Embarrassment For Naperville City Council

April 4, 2013
We highly recommend you visit the folks over at City Council Watchdog and look at today's story.

. Gets Attention of Local Media

March 31, 2013

Since this website went live a few days ago we are happy to report that there has been a great response. We have also been contacted by multiple local media outlets wanting to interview us to know more about us and our motivation. To anyone making such a request we would respectfully decline.

This site is not about us. We are not looking for power, fame or fortune. It was not that long ago that we were indifferent and ignorant of local politics. That turns out to have been a mistake on our part. So we decided to take our own money and time to offer this site as a service to our fellow citizens to more easily get a picture of what is happening in their town.

We don’t take donations or advertisements. We are beholden to no one. We populate this site with news reports, government documents and records, and links to other valuable websites. Our goal is to lay the facts on the table for you and let you decide what you think. Hopefully you will take action and vote.

What is our opinion? Obviously, we think there is room for improvement in how local politicians and city staff members behave as well as what decisions are made on how we are taxed and how our money is spent.

Do others share our opinion? Jo Malik and Tom Glass have recently copied some of our ad graphics. From the looks of their campaign sites, they seem to agree that improvements need to be made. We would support them and anyone else elected to City Council positions willing to do what is right for the citizens of Naperville.