ELECTION 2015 -  Election Day is Tuesday April 7, 2015

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Reclaim Naperville offers the following comments on this year's' candidates:

The incumbent candidates have given us the following-

     (Just to name a few...)

Who are the incumbents?

Judy Brodhead, Paul Hinterlong, Joe McElroy, David Wentz, Steve Chirico and Doug Krause.

Beyond the above problems, some have special issues such as-

Steve Chirico:

Didn't recuse himself from voting on Water Street project when he had a serious conflict of interest.

Says he won't recuse himself from voting when his campaign donors are involved in an issue.

His personal property taxes got lower at the same time ours went higher.

Failed to properly report square footage for a business property (and underpaid property taxes as a result).

Dave Wentz and Joe McElroy:

Refused to step down when it was discovered they are not currently qualified to remain seated as council members.

Judy Brodhead: She doesn't know what E-Cigarettes are, but she is anxious to regulate them at the municipal level - ahead any FDA recommendations. See here. Judy doesn't mind repeatedly adding taxes or costs on the backs of citizens as long as it is only equivalent to "a cup of coffee."

Paul Hinterlong: Has suggested in open council meetings that our Special Operations Group police goons be used to set up "sting" operations against legally-operating ride-share businesses within city limits. He is also not just a union plumber, he has deeper ties to the union itself. Should such a person be voting on projects like Water Street?

For these an a host of other reasons, the only incumbent we can suggest voting for is Doug Krause for Mayor. He has, at times, showed that he can be willing to act reasonably and responsibly on behalf of all citizens.

Of the current candidates, we suggest voting for:

Dick Furstenau

Some folks question his candidacy because he sued the city and won. For that we commend him. He fought the tyrants in power and won. His victory should give the rest of us hope. We have seen him speak at council meetings over the past couple years and he is always a voice of reason.

Bill Eagan

Kevin Coyne

Patricia "Patty" Gustin

Thomas O'Hale

Steve Peterson

Steve Purduski

Kevin Gallaher [Campaign Website: GallaherforNaperville.com (coming soon)]

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