Examples of improper behavior of Naperville politicians and staff.


Park District Alleged Illegal Conduct

Our friends at Illinois Leaks continue to investigate illegal activity in Naperville. See their articles on the Park District. Link1 Link2 Link3   What will they find out as they also continue to investigate city hall? Stay tuned.


Open Meetings Act Violation

Illinois Attorney General's determination that City of Naperville violated the Open Meetings Act.

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Denying Citizens District Representation Required By Law

In 2010, the citizens of Naperville overwhelmingly voted in favor of changing Council members at-Large status to representing each of 5 new districts.  Current Council members and most current candidates for council would deny the voters this right.  Candidates Glass and Malik are the exceptions.

The group attempting to aid in overturning the will of the people - Yes At Large - explains it:

"Petitioners gathered the 1,900 signatures needed to put this question on the November 2010 ballot, and it was approved in a vote 28,236 in favor and 10,678 voters against the Naperville City District Creation Referendum."

Councilman Grant Wehrli admits to asking the City's Legal Department to find a way to undo the will of the people to change to district council representation.  Looks like he got his way since we get to vote about it AGAIN this election.  The article below shows how taxpayer funds are directed to be used for political purposes by a sitting City Council member.

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According to the news report:

"...he said he is seeking information from an “overwhelming” majority of his constituents asking questions about the referendum result."

His constituents?  Mr. Wehrli serves at-large.  We are all his "constituents."  Two thirds of those casting ballots said they wanted districts.

Here is a good letter to the editor of the Patch that runs through the logic of both sides.

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Mayor Pradel, who is tasked with setting up the districts as instructed by the people, is currently encouraging people to vote yes on the new non-binding resolution to undo our previous vote!

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Above: April 4, 2013.  Mayor Pradel's home.  That's a Yes At Large sign in his front yard.


Districts are scheduled to be in place in 2015.  Five years after the vote to create them.


What do we at think?

1. The people voted for it.  So do it.

2. If all members of the council represent everyone (at-large), then they really represent no one.  Who do you

    call when you want the council to address an issue?

3. The new system will be a hybrid of district and at-large council members.

So, let's give it try.  If we don't like it, we can always change it again.


Residents Trapped In An Electric Utility Monopoly

While most citizens enjoy choice and price competition in choosing an electricity provider, Naperville residents are trapped by the municipally-owned city electric company.  As a result, we pay significantly more for our power than others in our area.  The costs go beyond what we pay for power because other costs are hidden in the general budget and paid for by taxes - like electric utility employee pension costs.


Mayor Accused Of Strong-arming An Entrepreneur Out Of Business

Mayor Pradel is accused of aiding in forcing an entrepreneur with a life-saving idea out of business. 

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